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Irina Simona AIONESĂ

Mountain Economy Center, CE-MONT/”Costin C. Kirițescu”
Național Institute of Economic Research/Romanian Academy,
Street: Petreni, No. 49, 725700, Vatra Dornei, România.



Climate changes represent a current reality, and its effects are intensifying at an ever-increasing pace. The main cause of climate change is the burning of fossil fuels, but also other human activities, such as agriculture, which have a significant impact on this matter. This is one of the reasons why organic farming is a current priority. This requires a healthy, balanced and sustainable food system, it does not contradict traditional agriculture, it only brings some improvements to traditional methods.

The European Union is recognized worldwide for its food and culinary traditions, being one of the leading producers of agri-food products and due to its agricultural resources, the EU must play a key-role in ensuring global food security. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has a key-role to play in supporting the agricultural sector. This article is focusing on a few objectives that are essential for protecting the environment, integrating European strategies for durable development and implementing it on a national level.

The results of the analysis that have been made indicate the potential and the importance of this sector – organic farming in lowering the effects on climate change. Organic farming is an important tool in managing the transition to a healthy and balanced food system, it helps fight the effects of climate change and protects the environment. The European Commission, in accordance with the European Green Deal, has adopted the Farm to Fork Strategy and the one regarding biodiversity, which proposes EU actions and commitments to maintain biodiversity in Europe, around the world and the transition to a more sustainable, balanced and healthy food system, as well as improving the livelihoods of all operators involved in the food value chain.


sustainability, organic farming, food system, biodiversity, conversion

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